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Leftist Hungarian politician would send European soldiers to their deaths + video

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Leftist Hungarian politician would send European soldiers to their deaths + video

Daniel Berg, the vice-president of the European party alliance ALDE and a politician of the Hungarian Momentum party, has clearly stated his opinion, dreaming not just about Ukraine receiving even more weapons, but about a full-scale war erupting on the continent.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), a transnational alliance of European political parties, held its congress in Stockholm at the end of May. The politicians of the Hungarian Momentum party also attended, and spoke at the event. Voicing his opinion, ALDE Vice-President Daniel Berg stressed that sending tanks and fighter jets was not enough, more measures are needed. He also believes that European countries must brace themselves for war.

Fortunately, military aid to Ukraine now includes not just ammunition, but also tanks, air defense and fighter jets, but hopefully there is more we can do. In the meantime, however, European countries appeared to have realized that the old Latin adage - if you want peace, prepare for war - still holds true,

Momentum’s politician said. It is noteworthy that he is also the chairman of ALDE’s security and defense working group, so his position concerning the war is crucially important. Mr Berg’s speech begins at the 18-minute mark in the video.

It appears that Hungary's Dollar Left continues its incitement to war, relentlessly advocating armed support for Ukraine, which would drag Hungary into the conflict, but now they also want to send young Europeans to their deaths. It is no coincidence that the Hungarian left wing has been consistent in its belligerent stance since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. In the meantime, it turned out that their election campaign was backed from the United States with some $11 million via George Soros, a key financier of the governing Democrats, as the daily Magyar Nemzet wrote recently, citing a piece from the Origo news portal.

More recently, the US Embassy in Budapest has launched a billboard campaign, taking a position contrary to the Hungarian government's pro-peace stance, which calls for an immediate ceasefire. The unprecedented political campaign, ordered and financed by a foreign country, was immediately embraced by the so-called Dollar Left. The president of the opposition Jobbik party and other key politicians have set the slogan "Russians go home!" (Ruszkik haza!) to appear as a background wallpaper on their social media.

It is worth remembering what Peter Marki-Zay - the left wing's former former prime ministerial candidate and chairman of the Everyone’s Hungary Movement (MMM) - told the Partizan Youtube channel on February 13 this year, in an interview:

We would be very happy to help with whatever means the NATO alliance system will allow. Obviously, if Hungary, let’s be frank... was not an agent of Putin, then it would be natural that the county, as a member of NATO, would try and give every assistance to Ukraine that NATO decides to offer. […] If NATO so decides, then even military help.

In an interview with the German daily Tagesspiegel, the failed leftist prime ministerial candidate opined:

Of course Hungary, as a member of NATO and the EU, must join any sanctions against Russia. This is a matter of principle, even if it hurts us economically. I would also support the weapon deliveries, if NATO and the EU decided to do so. We would always follow the joint, common decisions.

On 28 February 2022, Ferenc Gyurcsany, president of the Democratic Coalition (DK) party, wrote on Facebook:

For example, he (PM Viktor Orban - ed.) justified the impossibility of weapon deliveries by saying that 'those weapons might be used to shoot at Hungarian people, since there are Hungarians living in Transcarpathia.' Poor Orban, he misunderstood the situation, he thought that those weapons should be given to the Russians. No, not to them. The EU is giving them to the Ukrainian people, who are defending their homeland and who include many nationalities, Hungarians among them.

Andras Fekete-Gyor, the former chairman of the opposition Momentum party, now an MP, wrote in an article published on February 1 2022, that

First, similar to our allies, we must offer weapons and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian government to help protect the Hungarian minorities in Transcarpathia.

Independent Hungarian MP Akos Hadhazy took to Facebook on February 28 2022, to say that

I am deeply ashamed of [Hungarian FM] Szijjarto, and my shame is only deepened by the fact that we are licking the Russians’ boots by not letting the weapons meant to support Ukraine’s patriotic war transit through Hungary. If anyone, Hungarians have known since 1956 what it's like when 'pragmatic and wise' leaders throw a country to the Russians and offer no 'help' other than words of sympathy.

The above statements and articles evidently highlight that the Dollar Left has been echoing the position of the EU and the US - that's led to the escalation of the war - from the very beginning. The outcome of the general elections held on April 3, however, proved even more clearly that the vast majority of Hungarians support the pro-peace stance of the ruling Fidesz-Christain Democratic (KDNP) party alliance.

Cover photo: Daniel Berg (Photo: MTI / Balazs Mohai)

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