A society of foul dictatorships

It’s time to examine the circle of “foul dictatorships” that we’ve joined based on the aforementioned assumptions.

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Snowden, Edward
London, 2013. december 26. A Channel 4 brit csatorna által 2013. december 26-án közreadott videofelvételrõl készített kép Edward Snowdennek, az amerikai hírszerzés titkos adatgyûjtésérõl információkat kiszivárogtató, az Egyesült Államok által hazaárulással vádolt informatikusának Alternatív Karácsonyi Üzenetérõl december 25-én. A moszkvában rögzített, kétperces videoüzenetben a magánélet szentségének fontosságát hangsúlyozta, valamint arra buzdította az embereket, hogy fogjanak össze és vessenek véget a kormányok általi tömeges megfigyeléseknek. (MTI/EPA/Channel 4) Fotó: -------------------
VéleményhírlevélJobban mondva - heti véleményhírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz fűzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

After all, it really is my favorite part that Snowden has become the reference point. Snowden, smiling cheek to cheek on the cover of 24 and 444 – just to mention the two most despicable and dishonest “Hungarian” media.

Ok but who even is Snowden, also known as Edward Joseph Snowden? Of course, you all know, but let’s just refresh our memories:

Snowden is currently living in Moscow – I repeat, the MOSCOW of Putin’s horrific dictatorship – because if he went home to his country, the United States, he would be arrested, convicted and either executed or imprisoned for life.

But what was it he did again? I’ll quote Wikipedia:

“Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is a former computer intelligence consultant who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 when he was an employee and subcontractor for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His disclosures revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance…

On May 20, 2013, Snowden flew to Hong Kong after leaving his job at an NSA facility in Hawaii, and in early June he revealed thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Barton Gellman, and Ewen MacAskill. Snowden came to international attention after stories based on the material appeared in The Guardian, The Washington Post, and other publications.

On June 21, 2013, the United States Department of Justice unsealed charges against Snowden of two counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and theft of government property, following which the Department of State revoked his passport. Two days later, he flew into Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, where Russian authorities observed the cancelled passport, and he was restricted to the airport terminal for over one month. Russia later granted Snowden the right of asylum with an initial visa for residence for one year, which was subsequently repeatedly extended. In October 2020, he was granted permanent residency in Russia.”

So, that’s why Snowden is in Moscow. And now let’s just highlight the key phrase of our aforementioned “domestic wiretapping scandal”, or as the utterly inane and endlessly petty Jobbik put it, the “Hungarian Watergate”: “...numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance…”

This all happened in 2013. Long before the “criminal” and undemocratic” Trump! This all happened during the ever-so-perfect era of democracy under good-guy US President Barack Obama.

And now, let’s just for a moment assume that the Hungarian government really has been watching journalists and members of the opposition, and that through this, as comrade Karácsony so aptly put it, has joined the company of “foul dictatorships”. (The Hungarian government did no such thing, but we’ll get to that at the end.) It’s time to examine the circle of “foul dictatorships” that we’ve joined based on the aforementioned ASSUMPTIONS. In the following we will rely only on 444 articles to avoid being accused of any government bias; moreover, up to recent times, 444 has been the chosen dumping ground for Soros and the CIA, but now they’ve jumped over to Telex. (Of course, 444’s readiness to betray their country wasn’t the problem, they must’ve made some other mistake.)

Journalists wiretapped by the British secret service

“Journalists wiretapped by the British secret service” – reads the headline of a 444 article from January 20, 2015 written by Hungarian journalist TBG, and the main message goes:

“...GCHQ (the British government’s communications watchdog, a military organization) obtained almost 70 thousand emails from the biggest British and American journalists (BBC, Guardian, Washington Post) a couple of years ago, and created analyses based on the topics and headlines that interested the journalists. The paper also reported, quoting a directive it had obtained, that the British intelligence services saw the journalists as dangerous, particularly investigative journalists, and considered them a threat along the lines of terrorists and hackers – reported MTI. In addition, the case came to light shortly after the British Tribunal for the Investigative Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled that the GCHQ was currently operating in accordance with the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights, however there were open questions about its past activities. The GCHQ offered no comment to the Guardian as this is a matter of national security. (MTI/Guardian)”

The first “foul dictatorship” whose company we’ve joined: Britain.

“The government of New Zealand also spied on its own citizens” reports 444’s Zolt Sarkadi on September 15, 2014, again citing the Snowden dossiers in their investigation of another foul dictatorship. And the point being is: “Edward Snowden released more files on Monday. In these, aside from the wiretapping of German telecommunications companies, it is also shown that New Zealand’s government cooperated with the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Canada in the surveillance efforts.

Snowden had previously spoken of the existence of the Five Eyes Intelligence Agency run by the five countries; however, it is new information that the government of New Zealand was launching a large-scale program to spy on citizens, when meanwhile, publicly, it was denying any of this with great fervor. Prime Minister John Key admitted to the country a few days ago that his secret service did indeed carry out wiretaps but denied that his government knew anything about the intelligence action. Snowden’s files, however, prove just that.”

Deutsche Telekom customers were also tapped by the NSA

Well, that’s unheard of! So New Zealand is the same kind of foul dictatorship? Alright but what exactly is the case with those German telecommunications companies? “Deutsche Telekom customers were also tapped by the NSA” – wrote 444 and comrade Sarkadi on the same day, September 15, 2014. And the point there: “In the American National Security Agency (NSA) and the British GCHQ’s joint program, they had access to personal information from certain German telecommunications companies like Deutsche Telekom (DT) which owns Magyar Telekom – revealed the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. DT, of which the German state is also a shareholder, said that it has not yet found a bug in their system, but their IT professionals are still looking for traces of foreign secret service access to DT’s confidential data.

DT also contacted the German secret service over this matter.

According to Snowden’s files, the US and British spy programs had access to personal information on DT-run routers and smartphones.”

What on Earth is going on in that “free world” over there – or in other words the “foul dictatorships”? The American and British secret services both simultaneously monitor their main ally, the German’s largest telecommunications company’s customers? It’s a scandal! Or is it?

Of course, looking at this from a different perspective, what does it matter if allies are listening in on a telecommunications’ company’s clients when they are all the while listening to the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, without any problems or scruples? 444’s understanding and authentic interpretation:

“Part of the data leaked from the NSA was investigated by the German paper, Spiegel, and it was revealed that among others, the Americans tapped Angela Merkel’s, the German Chancellor’s cellphone. The German government protested sharply, Merkel stating that “friends don’t spy on each other” and called President Barack Obama to express her disapproval. For months after the incident, it was reported that German- American relations worsened, and in connection with dealing with the crisis in Ukraine, it became difficult to present a united, trans-Atlantic front against the Russians because the wiretapping incident seriously shook German-American cooperation.”

A true drama! But it will all be even more dramatic if we read all of this quoted article. Now pay attention:

“The USA spied on Merkel and Merkel spied on Sarkozy” – reads the headline of the 444 article by Peter Magyari on May 5, 2015. Selections from the soap opera (democracies with outstanding pedigrees in the main roles, or in other words, foul democracies):

“A new chapter has emerged in the series of wiretapping scandals. It turned out that the German secret service, in cooperation with the American NSA, surveilled the French presidential palace, the European Commission, and several European arms factory phone lines and correspondences…

Although the report was encrypted, some of its allegations were leaked last week: first the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on the most exciting detail, that the German secret service in cooperation with the NSA, was spying on certain European centers.

The German and American services entered into a cooperation contract regarding wiretapping in 2002 in a Bavarian spy base at Bad Aibling. The base was originally American, and the German secret service took it over officially in 2004 but allowed the NSA to keep some secret offices there.

According to the report by the German parliamentary committee of inquiry, a total of 690 thousand phone numbers and 7.8 million IP addresses were monitored jointly by Americans and Germans from 2002 to 2013…

Certainly, the German Chancellor was informed of this all, no later than 2008 – and with this in mind, it is quite odd that she attacked the Americans so harshly in 2013 for their European wiretaps.”

Now you tell me what’s going on….

But 444 already published an interesting addition a year ago:

“The German spy scandal continues” alerted the Soros playbook. The article was written on August 24, 2014 by “akirály” (“theking”):

“Not only Hillary Clinton, but also her successor to Secretary of State, John Kerry were surveilled by German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). What’s more, they have been spying in Turkey continuously since 1976; according to the information from Focus, the missions are approved at the highest levels: the BND actions are approved by a group made up of members of the Chancellor’s office, the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, and the Economy.”

Our everyone-spying-against-everyone

A few days earlier, on the same subject, Zsolt Sarkadi at 444 wrote: “German intelligence intercepted Hillary Clinton’s phone too” (August 15, 2014). Sarkadi ironically attached this subtitle: “our everyone-spying-against-everyone column”, and let’s admit, this really is apt. And we learn, among other things from the article that:

“Based on materials leaked from the NSA last year, the Berlin government’s communications such as mobile calls were monitored in the area of the US Embassy; they ran a sort of surveillance center. The German chancellor was wiretapped as late as 2002 and then later Angela Merkel’s official phone in 2005 as well. There were more than 300 reports on Merkel alone according to the documents released by Edward Snowden.”

How charming…

But to make sure we don’t get left out: “The Americans reveal who they wiretapped” the 444 article by Peter Magyari is titled written on January 30, 2014. And this is about us, so pay attention: “On Thursday morning, eight parliamentary representatives were told who the USA surveilled in Hungary. Edward Snowden, a specialist in the technical background of wiretaps, revealed last year that the US and Britain monitored phones and email traffic from numerous countries.

But those who were wiretapped in Hungary? That is a state secret.

So only the eight MPs part of this investigatory committee know the answer. The name of the committee is public however, it’s called: ‘The Committee for Inquiry of the Hungarian threads of the wiretapping scandal affecting multiple European countries and attempts to gain foreign influence’.

And what can happen with journalists in such a foul dictatorship like Great Britain? This was also reported by a 444 author, “erdelyip” (“TransylvaniaIP”) on December 4, 2013, not long after the Snowden scandal. The article is about the fact that British politics consider the Guardian’s editorial staff terrorists; the editor-in-chief was even summoned to a parliamentary committee of inquiry. “So, it’s not the government eavesdropping on its own citizens committing a crime, but rather the journalist exposing that?” – 444 poses the question. They later write that: “...The paper and its staff can be accused of terrorism-related crimes. The police are already investigating them. They are investigating the Guardian and its staff based on section 58A of the UK Anti-Terror Act. This law determines that those who disclose or disseminate information on members of the army or secret services, commits a crime. The paper exposed one of the biggest wiretapping scandals of all time. They were the first to disclose the information leaked by Edward Snowden on the United States government surveillance practices. … The aim of the entire committee is to blacken the name of journalists and thus distract a little from the British government’s incredible servitude in helping American surveillance efforts.”

And not to leave out the wonderful and flawless Northern Europe either, let’s get a little more recent:

“Between 2012 and 2014, the Danish secret service provided assistance to the United States in their efforts to spy on several top politicians, including Angela Merkel” writes the next bout of shocking news of another foul dictatorship. “According to the article, the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (FE) cooperated with the efforts of the American NSA to gather information on officials from Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and elsewhere. …. The NSA accessed phone calls, text messages and instant messages from officials’ phones through targeted wiretaps and the NSA’s Xkeyscore data analysis software. ...In 2013, Snowden disclosed top secret documents that revealed the NSA’s mass data collection and wiretapping programs on US citizens as well as foreign leaders and Europeans and their communications with allies.”

Well, these are those foul dictatorships where citizens, journalists, companies and allied politicians are surveilled for years.

But aside from all this, it’s important to mention one more, “tiny” thing to bring us back to Hungary again. Let’s recall a case that’s not based on assumptions, guesses, fake news and political clout, but rather photographic and audio evidence.

The completely unprecedented case involved Sándor Laborc, the head of the National Security Office under the Gyurcsány government, and Tamás Portik, one of the most dangerous mobsters since the regime change, consulting in a Budapest restaurant on how to surveil, blacken, and trap opposition politicians, preventing them from taking power from the leftist government after 2010. As Portik summarized the essence for Laborc: “I’ll cooperate with anything you say, I’ve decided everything 150 percent long ago in my heart and soul. I don’t think you can even ask anything that I wouldn't do.” Magyar Nemzet’s article from April 12, 2013 states:

“At least two meetings were held between Laborc and Portik that were recorded. The transcripts of the audio materials were released by the Constitution Protection Office by the initiative of the Minister of the Interior. This public document clearly revealed the intimate relationship the Gyurcsány government fostered with the underworld. The two individuals who organized the meeting were also present at the Laborc and Portik discussions.

According to the reports, Tamás Portik announced: “our job is to strengthen the Prime Minister or at least the MSP party.” The man who made a fortune off oil crimes years before offered to put his internet sites’ traffic at the disposal of the leftist party. All that was found out concerning these portals was that Portik had two million registrants who he could influence the election with. The number of visits on those websites were around half a million per day.

“I’m doing great on the left and I’m going to do everything I can to stay this way after 2010” declared the former Energol leader, evidencing his party allegiance. He also mentioned that he personally brought money to MSZP politicians, but nobody ever knew about it. He emphasized that this provides a kind of “security” yet the “rightwing police” have a target on his back for his pay-off crimes. It became clear from the recording that Tamás Portik was terrified of a new governing party because – as he said – he will surely be arrested. Sándor Laborc’s only answer to this was that they might arrest him too then. The head of the Special Service for National Security back then was actually eager to compromise. Tamás Portik encouraged him to hand over the available information. Laborc was interested in almost everything, including possible police, judicial, and prosecutorial corruption and delicate matters affecting politicians. The only thing important for the General was that it should be “relatively quick to catch and display”.

“So that’s how we should start in some way. This could be any platform, so it’s interesting that when you try to influence decision makers with anything,... or even bring them into a mess etc.” Sándor Laborc said. “I myself believe that I might make something like this in the future because I’m interested in a mess. Should we record this for example?” asked Portik. The secret service head at the time thought this was a good idea, which they probably all laughed about afterwards.

According to the documents made public, those in attendance spoke about the Fenyő affair at length [the murder of media-businessman János Fenyő, part of the Hungarian late 1990s “mafia wars”]; in connection with this, the names of two individuals were mentioned who may have ordered the murder, and the Aranykéz street explosion [a bombing also connected to the “mafia wars”] was also brought up. Though we cannot fully know what happened after the two personal meetings, we do know that Sándor Laborc provided Portik with a phone number where Portik could reach him on directly whenever.

“Ok, and should I say something on the phone?” asked Tamás Portik, awaiting further instructions. “No, we’ll discuss that every time. If you have to arrange something very quickly then we can discuss everything in code terms. But I prefer to meet in person… we’ll discuss some place to meet. Ok?” said Laborc, outlining the rules. He was also interested in how “clean” Portik’s environment was. “Well, that’s a good question, I’m trying to do everything good. I don’t use a car, only BKV [public transport] and taxis. I don’t really reveal information to anyone. I think, since I’ve been home, I haven’t spoken this honestly with anybody yet” said the former Energol leader.

Sándor Laborc was born in Budapest in 1958. He completed his schooling in the early 80s in Moscow at the Dzerzhinsky Academy which since the 20s has been the academy of the Cheka, then the KGB and now the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Between 1978 and 2000, Laborc worked at the State Security Department of the Ministry of the Interior and its successor in the areas of assessment-analysis and operations. From January 1, 2001, he became the Deputy Director of Information of the Criminal Directorate of the APEH (National Tax and Customs Administration), and worked in this position until January 1, 2003, when the organization merged with the Financial Investigation Directorate of the ORFK (Hungarian National Police Headquarters).

István Zsohár became the leader of the Special Service for National Security (NBH) in July 2002 and he appointed Laborc as director-general. In 2004 Zsohár became the Head of the Information Office; the head position of the secret services was taken over by Lajos Galambos and Laborc was promoted to deputy operations officer. Galambos was forced to resign due to a scandal surrounding the Egymásért alapítvány, and in June 2007, Laborc was able to take over managing the office. Ferenc Gryucsány, Prime Minister at the time, appointed György Szilvásy a month later as Minister of Civilian Intelligence Services of Hungary. Laborc was promoted to brigadier general and major transformations began at the office: all the directors and heads of departments at the NBH were fired with the exception of the economic director, and the counterintelligence was merged into another organization. Fidesz, at the time part of the opposition, strongly criticized Laborc’s actions because they believed it significantly weakened counterintelligence. Despite criticisms – and the fact that the parliamentary committee on national security did not vote to approve him – Gyurcsány appointed him director general.

During Laborc's tenure, the so-called surveillance case erupted, in which the general named the head of UD Zrt., who was considered the secret service of the Fidesz shadow, by name. The police conducted a search on the premises of the security company, they seized the company’s IT system and launched an investigation which was later closed as they found absolutely no evidence of crimes. In the summer of 2009 Laborc resigned from his position stating that the termination of the investigation does not allow him to continue his work.

Ervin Demeter, the Fidesz chairman of the Parliamentary committee on national security reported Laborc for crimes of abuse in connection with the case. Meanwhile, László Balajti became the head of the NBH; he reported his predecessor because he found on Laborc’s office computer confidential information on Viktor Orbán and László Kövér under the code names Ovi and Bajusz (moustache) respectively. In this case, the courts convicted the former counterintelligence leader of first degree of unauthorized disclosure of information; since then, he is accused of the most unprecedented case since the regime change, spy scandal in the Debrecen courts.”

I repeat, this is all much more than random assumptions, there is an actual recording of it all!

In comparison, what even is this “Watergate scandal”?

A poorly and transparently structured intelligence operation. And it doesn’t matter at all whether the Mossad after the government change in Israel did it, the Biden administration’s CIA, or the two together.

The point is:

1.: If the Israeli secret service’s “Pegasus” spy program can be unraveled by an “international network of journalists” because “it left clues behind”, then it’s time to put a big rusty lock on the Mossad’s door and the Mossad agents, developers, and engineers can all go sell donuts on the beach in Eilat.

2.: If the biggest and most dangerous enemy of the Hungarian government is Szabolcs Panyi, Attila Chikán, the half-crazy (or fully?) little Simicska, Zoltán Varga and some gender-studies asshole from CEU, then the Hungarian opposition is in big trouble. (Cf: And they didn’t even want to wiretap comrade Bástya? Is he worth shit now?)

3.: As it has become evident, the exemplary democracies of the western world have been eavesdropping on their own citizens, journalists and each other for many years. However, this wasn’t discovered by Soros’ international journalists – rather the American agent actively involved in all this brought it to our attention. So then where even are these “foul dictatorships” then?

4.: In Hungary we knew one thing for sure up until now: Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Minister of Civilian Intelligence Services brought the Russian secret services into the heart of the Hungarian secret services to gather information. Furthermore, Gyurcsány’s secret service leaders met with Hungary’s worst mobsters and consulted on monitoring and blackening opposition politicians. And this isn’t a conjecture, there are recordings of this.

5.: And let’s just add the developments of the past few months:

- Hungary is still unwilling to admit migrants.

- Hungary, going against the Western world’s most powerful lobby today, the LGBTQ, defending minors against their propaganda and banning “sensitization programs” and activists from schools.

- A couple weeks ago, Mark Rutte announced that “Hungary must be brought to its knees!”

- In Israel, the patriotic Netanyahu government that had an outstanding relationship with Viktor Orbán was replaced by a, let’s say, much less patriotic government seeking to build a great relationship with the US.

- And after all this, (what a miracle!) the Soros network gets a hold of the Mossad’s “most modern and untraceable” Pegasus with over 50 thousand phone numbers from over 50 countries. For some reason, the “scandal” has only named Hungary along with Azerbaijan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates – so where are the other 45-47 countries?

- Brussels is about to launch two infringement proceedings simultaneously against Hungary. – Brussels is holding back the recovery funds allocated to Hungary.

- On the Monday following the “wiretapping scandal”, Brussels will publish its “rule of law report” and shockingly: they are heavily, vehemently relying on this particular “Pegasus scandal”.

6.: If you couldn’t put together the true cause, purpose and intentions of this foreign secret service act (with all of Soros’ NGOs and international media networks harmonizing in the background) then I’ll help:

If the new Hungarian slop-coalition loses the elections for a fourth time, then patience will run out, and especially the money too. Then Soros, the CIA, Brussels, and any other interested secret service or NGO will no longer finance them.

But right now, they still are.

And Soros and the CIA have started off the election campaign with this “wiretapping case”. Because they all perfectly know: This is the final battle!

And this final battle is worth as much as you can manage – in other words, as much money and immorality and dishonesty possible. Because if they lose, then Orbán really will pull the V4 together in close cooperation; and perhaps be complemented by the Balkans and the Baltics, and perhaps the not-totally-lost Italy and Austria, and then the world and people of normalcy will not only be represented, but they’ll have an example. This is what we have to prevent in every way for these villains.

And this is what we also have to pay attention to. So, I think it’s probable that on the October 23 Peace March, we will gather at the United States embassy. We will make our message clear there too when we start, so that they know and hear:

We all know who is listening in on who and who the real villains and enemies are. This is the battle! Prepare!

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