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It's not mandatory, yet

Gajdics Ottó
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It's not mandatory, yet

I had a friend, an editor, who used to comfort us in the newsroom when the LGBTQ propaganda was driving everyone crazy. “It's okay, folks, so  long as it's not mandatory," he said, consolingly. Unfortunately though, he was too optimistic about the future. Today, he, too, earns his living by monitoring whether we are inciting hatred against same-sex couples when we honestly express the opinions of millions of our fellow citizens in our articles and programs, and object to the fact that the ardent prophets of otherness want to target our children at all costs.

Even more frighteningly, people now have the nagging feeling that acceptance is no longer enough, and that it's mandatory to applaud the guardians of the world's diversity in some circles. For example, we interviewed the incoming Czech ambassador to Budapest. Right at the onset, he deemed it crucial to proclaim - in detail - how LGBTQ communities were so important to him, and that he'll place special emphasis on their problems and support them during his tenure in Hungary. Incidentally, he also briefly touched on relations between the Czech Republic and Hungary.

US Ambassador David Pressman's repertoire of gestures has also proved quite a challenge for many sober-minded people, because in times threatened by all types of crises and a war raging in our neighborhood, he often comes across like his greatest task is to make those disgusted by same-sex attraction to start to  actually like it. And now comes his Czech colleague who must have been outraged by PM Orban's recent statement that the Czechs had defected, even though this remark clearly demonstrates that Hungary's premier will be right, again. Add to this the fact that almost all the diplomats stationed in Hungary have supported the Pride series of events, which now follow each other in rapid succession for the better part of a year, and one cannot help but think that exuding proactive support for the LGBTQ propaganda is a must in diplomatic circles. Otherwise, any renegade ambassador runs the easy risk of being stigmatized as a homophobe. 

Let's also not forget that the European Commission has sued Hungary over the country's Child Protection Law and - besides the European Parliament - fifteen member states have also joined the smear campaign against Budapest. Using twisted legal arguments they question self-evident facts, such as whether parents are responsible for their own children's sexual education, or should they relegate this duty to deviant misfits who don't know if they're a male or a female. Europe's leftist-liberal elite fails to comprehend that the tolerance and acceptance of millions of people only extends to an agreement that members of the LGBTQ community are equal before both God and the Law. Consequently, we won't offend any of them by either deed, or word and omission, but we are expecting the same approach from them. They must acknowledge that the claim that kids should be shown that it's possible to love and live differently, and that they should be made aware of this at an early age because "learning about the world" won't make anyone gay delivers a deep jab to millions of moms and dads who completely reject this and refuse to think this way. And by doing so, these propagandists are evoking in us such negative sentiments and, sorry to say, unwitting hatred that is difficult to tolerate in the Christian cultural circle.

So, in the spirit of love, let's agree that all this is not mandatory! And it shouldn't be!

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