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Influential politicians in Brussels staging full-blown assault on law are in contact with billionaire speculator's son

Alex Soros Likely Behind Foreign Attacks on Child Protection Law

2023.11.20. 13:34
Alex Soros Likely Behind Foreign Attacks on Child Protection Law

In recent years, organizations tied to the Soros network have continuously attacked Hungary over the issue of child protection and even launched a campaign last year to invalidate the national referendum held. Several influential politicians in Brussels, who are connected to the heir of the Soros empire, also relentlessly bombarded the Hungarian child protection law.

On June 29, 2021, Alexander Soros himself shared on Twitter the post of the family's Open Society Foundations (OSF) in which the organization criticized the Child Protection Act. In the text they outlined the potential actions the European Union can pursue against our country in this matter.

Later, on December 3, 2021, Alex Soros also shared on Twitter an article from The Independent, which was about a Population Matters organization project called "Welcome to Gilead". The title is a reference to the dystopian Republic of Gilead presented in the TV series The Handmaid's Tale.

The report shows the extent to which government policies encouraging childbearing (pro-natal policies) have an (negative) affect on reproductive rights.

In the referenced article, Alex Soros highlighted that certain regimes put women's bodies at the service of nationalistic, economic and patriarchal interests.

This statement is also a direct reference to Hungary, as a separate chapter in the report is devoted to the country. Hungary was attacked, among other things, for inciting anti-Semitic ad hominem sentiment against George Soros by accusing the Jewish American billionaire of supporting immigration.

In addition, the Polish family policy measures are also criticized at length. The organization behind the report was originally founded under the name Optimum Population Trust, and several of its patrons on the site blatantly decry the multiple-child family model.

In addition, in recent years, Alex Soros has met with several leading European politicians, who later openly criticized the child protection law and the referendum. In 2020, for example, according to an Instagram story, Alex Soros and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte sat opposite each other at a security policy conference in Munich, and later took a selfie together, which the former shared on Twitter.

More than a year later, Mark Rutte made a statement regarding the Child Protection Act, saying that the law is not only contrary to EU values, but Hungary must withdraw this law and fall to its knees. After that, Rutte also added: in his opinion, Hungary has no place in the European Union.

It is telling that Commissioner Vera Jourova met with various representatives of organisations in Soros's network nearly twenty times between 2014 and 2019. In 2017, a photo of Jourova side by side with George Soros and Alex Soros was posted on Twitter.

George Soros and his son have many meetings with Jourova. Source: Twitter 

Later, the Czech EU commissioner also came to sharply criticize Hungary's child protection law, for example, in July 2021 during the European Parliament's plenary debate on the European Council meeting held on June 24-25 , 2021.

But Alex Soros is also on good terms with Pedro Sanchez, socialist prime minister of Spain, where the opposite of the Hungarian child protection law came into force in 2021. As is known, Spain passed the so-called transgender law at the beginning of July 2021, allowing everyone to decide about their gender.

The law made it possible to have not only the name but also the gender changed on ID cards on a self-declaration basis, without requiring a medical certificate. 

Applications are accepted from the age of 12. While minors aged between 12-14 need judicial approval, parental or guardian consent is sufficient for 14-16 year olds. Those aged over 16 are now completely free to change their gender in Spain by making a declaration before the authorities.

The selfie featuring Sanchez and Alex Soros together was taken in 2019 at the UN climate summit in New York. Alongside Mark Rutte, Pedro Sanchez also joined a group of EU prime ministers who signed a letter last year condemning Hungary over its child protection law.

Pedro Sanchez and Alexander Soros. Source: Twitter

The Soros empire has apparently engaged in strong lobbying activities in a bid to portray Hungary's child protection and anti-pedophile law as anti-homosexuality legislation.

It is rather hard to see the barrage of attacks over the Hungarian law coming from politicians with ties to the heir of the empire as a mere coincidence.

Cover photo: George and Alexander Soros (Source: Twitter)

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