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PM Orban: Air of War Pervades Brussels

In an interview on Hungarian public radio (MR1), the Hungarian prime minister spoke about the atmosphere of war in the European Union, the reach of George Soros in Brussels, the threat of World War III and the vulnerability of European farmers. Viktor Orban also spoke of the need for change in Budapest and ridding the city administration of Gyurcsany's people.

2024. 03. 22. 11:39
Prime Minister Viktor Orban in MR1 Kossuth Radio studios. Photo: MTI/Prime Minister's Press Office /Zoltan Fischer
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"A strange feeling grips me when arriving in Brussels from Hungary, as our country looks like quite a normal country in comparison because back home there is calm, prudent and rational thinking," Viktor Orban said on MR1 Kossuth Radio's "Good Morning, Hungary" program. Commenting on the EU summit, the PM said that the leaders in Brussels were talking as if they were fighting their own war with the Russians.

It's like I have arrived in another galaxy,

he said of the atmosphere of war in Brussels.

War spiral

"They are in a war spiral that is producing increasingly worse outcomes," he said, stressing that there is now talk of stationing troops in Ukraine, "which is shocking to the Hungarian ear".

What is most alarming, the premier continued, is that what would have been unthinkable two or three months ago is now becoming commonplace. Before, the Germans did not want to send weapons, they sent helmets. Now, Germany is considering giving Ukraine missile systems that can be fired into Russian territory. 


This is not a video game. This is reality. People dying the next day can be the consequence of a given decision, and hundreds of thousands have died already. The consequences of decisions made here create widows, orphans and ruined lives and cities.

He said that as a believer of reasoned debate, he is willing to talk to anyone, but pointed out that we have to dig our heels in somewhere.

There exists an organized political force in Hungary that would drag the country into the conflict,

 he warned, but added that fortunately, the majority of Hungarians are against the move. 


Brussels is in George Soros's pocket

The Hungarian government regularly offers citizens the opportunity to express their opinions on issues affecting everyone, he said, adding that major decisions for the country are not made without it.

In the West, too, people are more supportive of anti-war political forces, yet this hasn't led to a pro-peace turnaround in Europe because Brussels has in fact fallen captive to the George Soros network.

The Soros network is embedded in the European institutions, with the EU providing them money to operate,

he stated, noting that this also makes it near impossible for the opinions of European people to be heard.  


The farmers' anger is justified

PM Orban also said that In this context, he said that

Hungary supports international relations but opposes the import of Ukrainian grain into the EU. The EU imposes very strict rules on farmers, which are detrimental to productivity. However, Ukraine has no such regulations in place, so the country's products can be sold at a lower price.

"We're making enormous efforts to ensure that our farmers do not go bankrupt. But Brussels is deaf to this issue because it is caught up in war fever," he added. He pointed out that production requirements must be harmonized. Farmers have good reason to be angry, PM Orban emphasized.

If farmers organize, then the problem is big. However, Ukraine is more important to Brussels than farmers,

Viktor Orban said, adding that there is war and a poor-performing economy instead of peace and prosperity. "The problem is with the bureaucrats in Brussels," he underlined.

The Left wants war

I've given it a lot of thought whether we have to right approach to European politics. We think in traditional categories, in terms of right and left, sovereignist and globalist. It seems to me that the decisive question today will be who is pro-peace and who is pro-war, 

PM Orban pointed out, adding that the most important thing is to stop this war psychosis, because we are drawing increasingly close to war.

 The First World War also started as a local conflict, he noted. It spread step by step, and in retrospect, the Balkan Wars, believed to be local, turned out to be the prelude to the world war.

Viktor Orban stressed that

in domestic politics also, the crucial issue is who supports war. The European Left's pro-war stance also appears in Hungarian politics.

He who pays the piper calls the tune, he remarked.

"Since they work in the service of pro-war forces, they assume this stance. The policy the Hungarian government is pursuing is singular as it can only be based on the interests of the Hungarian people," he said.

"Our most important goal is to get Brussels to release the money we are entitled to and to prevent the Left from blocking this," Viktor Orban underscored, adding that Hungarian left-wing MEPs are working to get Brussels to withdraw the money school and kindergarten teachers receive.


Budapest in the hands of Gyurcsany and his crew

"There are these reality-type shows, but it is not these things that are important, but the war," he said commenting on events in Hungary.

"Looking at Budapest, I see that it is in captivity. I know everyone who used to work for left-wing governments and now they are in leadership positions in the municipality," PM Orban noted, adding that those who ruined the country by 2010 are now all doing business in the capital.

Budapest should be flourishing, but it is not, because the money is leaking out of the municipality's coffers. I hope voters will elect a mayor who will put a stop to this. Gyurcsany's people must be removed from the municipal administration,

the prime minister underlined.

Viktor Orban spoke on public radio's 'Good Morning Hungary' program from Brussels.


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