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Viktor Orbán: All important Hungarian national goals were achieved

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Viktor Orbán: All important Hungarian national goals were achieved

“Two pressing issues were discussed at the European Union’s Prime Ministers Summit that concluded this past Friday: the Russian-Ukrainian war and energy,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a video posted to his social media page. He stated in his Facebook post that in regard to the war, he represented the Hungarian position of peace being most important and avoiding any escalation. “It currently seems things are headed in this direction, but we are in need of a ceasefire and negotiations instead,” he emphasized.

I asked the leaders of the European Union to debate with the aim of avoiding escalation of the war in mind,

– said the Prime Minister.

The other important topic of the summit was the energy crisis. Viktor Orbán said that,

All the important Hungarian national goals concerning energy were achieved. We managed to get exemptions from any measures in the eighth sanctions package that would harm our interests. These sanctions do not apply to Hungary’s gas supply, nor to the energy from nuclear power plants; in fact, it enables Hungary to continue building the Paks 2 nuclear power plant as planned.

He added: “And finally, we called on the committee to take immediate action to reduce energy prices after the implemented sanctions sent energy prices skyrocketing across Europe.”

Photo: Viktor Orbán (Photo: MTI/Fischer Zoltán)

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