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Double Standards Applied by US Revealed by Former NATO Chief Commander

The US would not allow interference in its internal affairs, let alone the kind of meddling in domestic political processes George Soros has done and continues to do in Hungary and many other countries.

2024. 02. 22. 17:16
Soros György
Brüsszel, 2016. június 30. Az Európai Parlament által közreadott képen Soros György magyar származású amerikai üzletember, a New York-i Soros Fund Management befektetési társaság elnöke az EP fejlesztési, költségvetési, bel- és igazságügyi bizottságainak közös konferenciáján Brüsszelben 2016. június 30-án. (MTI/Európai Parlament/Philippe Buissin) Fotó: Philippe BUISSIN
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

The United States of America would not allow interference in its internal affairs, let alone the kind of meddling in domestic political processes George Soros has done and continues to do in Hungary and many other countries, Mandiner writes in a piece.

This was revealed by retired General Wesley Clark, a board member of the Action for Democracy (A4D) in a video that was just shared on a profile on X called MagaBabe. In recent weeks, the same source released several recordings with the leaders of the American organization disclosing that the stock exchange speculator was the main donor behind the billions of forints channeled to the opposition in Hungary.

While in many countries across the world, Soros's network typically uses various means of exercising influence in the name of protecting democratic values, what in fact is underlying their actions is political and business interest.

Proof of this is the recording published in recent days on X. In the video, General Wesley Clark, a trustee of the Action for Democracy, points out that the United States would not tolerate interference similar to what is carried out by the stock exchange speculator. 

He funded the efforts in Bosnia; he funded the efforts in Hungary. That’s why Viktor Orban hates him. But who’s George Soros? He’s an American. He happened to grow up in Hungary. Why is he controlling the politics of Hungary? We don’t want that,

the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO said.

In other parts of the recording, Clark explains that the Americans even influenced elections in Greece and Italy a few decades ago.

In footage also published on the MagaBabe account a few weeks ago, A4D leaders admitted that George Soros was behind the roughly three billion forints - claimed to be micro-donations - that went to the Hungarian opposition.

In one of the videos, David Koranyi, head of the organization - formerly an advisor to leftist ex-PM Gordon Bajnai and Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony - said that they considered it important that the role of the American businessman was kept secret because they feared that if the identity of the main donor was revealed, public opinion might turn against them because voters would not believe that their activities were driven by concerns for democracy, Mandiner wrote

Previous videos reveal that key A4D figures have also worked closely with the leaders of US Democrats in their operations. Kati Marton, chair of the A4D board of trustees, for example, explained in one of the videos that in Poland, she first consulted with the US ambassador in Warsaw in order to prepare the ground for helping Donald Tusk and his allies into government.

The Action for Democracy and its collaborating partners operated a real campaign machine to discredit targeted national leaders, including Prime Minister Viktor Orban, by publishing opinion pieces, for instance, on Yahoo News.

Alexander Nazaryan, who is also active as a senior White House correspondent, attacked the Hungarian prime minister in a piece full of smears and malicious misrepresentations.

As is known today, a Hungarian intelligence report, which was partially declassified last summer, revealed that through A4D and a Swiss foundation more than four billion forints had flowed into Hungary to support the left wing 's election campaign.

Billions were transferred to Oraculum 2020 Kft, the publisher of the media empire EzaLenyeg, which operates portals for defamatory campaigns, and to DatAdat, a network of companies with ties to former left-wing PM Gordon Bajnai.

In the photo released by the European Parliament, Hungarian-born American businessman George Soros, chairman of the New York-based Soros Fund Management investment company, speaks at the joint conference of the EP's Development, Budget, Justice and Home Affairs Committees in Brussels on June 30, 2016 (Photo: MTI/European Parliament/Philippe Buissin)

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